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Breathe new life into your home with WeatherClad21

Prior to 1986, most Lockwood Homes had a aluminium foil glued to the exterior board of the home. Depending on the atmospheric conditions associated to the location and maintenance up-keep, this exterior aluminium cladding can reach an age when it really needs some TLC beyond that of a re-paint – and this is where we can help. We can over-clad your Lockwood home with a unique, low maintenance, powder-coated aluminium weatherboard system called WeatherClad 21. This over-line system has been specifically designed to match the existing profile of the original Lockwood wall and will make your home look like new again.

Because WeatherClad 21 is installed onto the exterior board and does not require removing the existing cladding or weatherproofing of the home, council consent is not usually required to have WeatherClad21 installed. We recommend talking to your local Lockwood Contractor to see if WeatherClad21 is right for you.

Download the WeatherClad21 brochure